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GB WhatsApp Latest Version

GB WhatsApp Latest Version

GB WhatsApp download page for run more than one number and to control the privacy and also to modify themes and colors .
With the modified GB WhatsApp you can run more than one whatsapp on the same android device with the official application on play store .
We do this modification to give us a better control and to maintain our privacy as a users to whatsapp during chatting with friends and when we communicate with all the whatsapp users .

What's new in 8.45 version ?

Added Enable Chats/Groups separate without IG Stories
Fixed Messages Delay
Fixed Group tab unread counter flickering
Fixed Broadcast icon not showing on broadcast messages
Fixed Hide Blue Microphone not working
Fixed Status Seen/Unseen color not working in Status page
Fixed Hide View Status in Custom Privacy
Fixed Crash when setting Wallpaper in Chat/Group
Fixed One UI tab title shows when switching pages
Fixed One UI Title showing twice sometimes
Disabled Swipe Row by default
Misc Many other fixes and improvements
Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!

Old versions:

  • Instagram-lilke Store you can enable it from Home Screen >> Header
  • Disable clicking on "WhatsApp"
  • Attention when press on Airplane
  • Hide Muted Status update
  • Hide Viewed Status update
  • Hide Recent Status update
  • Many other things that I forgot :p
  • Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Crash on Kitkat's users
  • Unread Message Counter Color Does not Apply
  • Widget Issue
  • Don't have enough disk Space
  • Status time + Group @ name color is merged with text color
  • Pinned chats now is 1000
  • More bug fixes and improvements!
    • Anti Ban
    • New Base Updated to 2.19.17
    • Added New Emojis
    • Added You can call Participants in groups
    • Added Reply Privately when select message in groups
    • Fixed Added Stickers From Google Play Apps
    • Fixed Crash when search in themes
    • Many More Fixes
    • Enabled Stickers
    • Exclusive No More Forward Tag to Opposite Person regardless of whether you forward
    • Exclusive @mention Icon on Main Screen to effectively Know where you are labeled
    • Exclusively Improved Option to Block Calls with/without Showing Ringing to Opp Person.
    • Exclusively Added New Option to Select Part Message (Mod 1.2.2)
    • Enabled Swipe To Reply
    • Enabled Group Calls
    • Increased Forward Limit for Indian Users
    • Added Option to Set Duration for Revoked Message Notification (Mod 6.8)
    • Added Themed Stickers Tab
    • New Base Updated to 2.18.327

    • Fixed Hidden Chats Showing in Calls Tab
    • Fixed Square Pics
    • Fixed Search in Themes
    • Many Other Fixes

    The advantages which enjoy with the modifying GB WhatsApp:

    • You can change the theme of the GB WhatsApp application , its color, the icon and also the notifications icon .
    • Until no one bother you, you can stop their calling one by one or for all .
    • Adding record for the deleted messages , you can now see the messages that the other caller deleted it at any time you want.
    • Possibility to hide photos and videos from the gallery and keeping the possibility to see it through GB WhatsApp application.
    • When someone send a message for you in any group it will show a sign @ down the chat .
    • Exclusive, Recover them, now when someone delete a message from your phone an advice will tell you about the message that he wants to delete.
    • Exclusive,You can see the description of any group inside the chat.
    • Activate the feature of putting adescription for the groups
    • You can hide the date and the last seen for you.
    • You can send broadcast message for groups , like the choice of broadcast for contacts but also for groups.
    • You can stop the internet to GB WhatsApp only, to not be disturbed from anyone during working on the other applications.
    • You can hide any chat from the main page of whatsapp.
    • A collection containing more than 30 Font you can change them in this update.
    • You can schedule sending a message in anytime for any contact you want.
    • You can stop the automatically updating for photos and videos and voices for every chat in a separately.
    • A full record shows you who see your profile or when he is online.
    • You can chat with numbers that are not saved on your phone or calling them .
    • It will shows you a signal with the collective messages to distinguish it from the normal.
    • You can set an application password that is open only by it
    • Instead of 30 seconds you can put video of 7 minutes duration for the status.
    • Instead of 16 mega you can send video of 30 mega size.
    • Instead of 10 photos you can send 90 photos at one time
    • You can send the photos with high original resolution.
    • Instead of 16 mega you can send a sound of 100 mega size.
    • In the status you can write a text of 250 word instead of 139 only .
    • You can copy the status for your friend.
    • The links will appear in a normal shape and you can visit it without saving the sender number or the group admin.
    • For every group there is a counter, counting the messages sent from every member.
    • You can preview the media before downloading it.
    • When copying more than one message at the same time you can hide the contact name and the date message.
    • You can filter the messages inside the group so it will shows the messages of one person separately.
    • You will receive a notification message telling you that your friend change his profile picture.
    • Discrimination the group admin during sending messages inside the group so it shows beside his name : Group admin.
    • As a group admin you can control their settings and not everyone in the group
    • You can delete a message you send it wrong from all recipients finally from their whatsapp application.
  • GB WhatsApp call chat unsaved contact number GB_whatsapp_plus_status_video_more_than_30_seconds GB_whatsapp_plus_select_conversation_to_hide GB_whatsapp_plus_menu_features GB_whatsapp_plus_disable_internet_connection GB_whatsapp_plus_hide_conversation_chat GB_whatsapp_plus_home_show_my_name GB_whatsapp_plus_change_theme GB_whatsapp_plus_custom_privacy_for_each_contact GB_whatsapp_plus_disable_calls GB_whatsapp_plus_hide_media_from_gallery GB_whatsapp_plus_increase_media_sharing_size GB_whatsapp_plus_lock_chat_with_password GB_whatsapp_plus_page GB_whatsapp_plus_show_hidden_chats


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